What Are We Offering?


1. Tests

With a Question Bank of over 16000+ questions, you surely would be giving lot of tests. All the tests will be prepared in the pattern of JEE (Main).

There are three types of tests that you would be getting;

a. Chapter wise Tests: There will be test available for every single chapter of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology. This would not only prepare you for JEE (Mains) but also for your Board examinations !

b. Combo Tests: These are unit tests, aimed at providing you with the much needed revision at crucial junctions of the year. Many combo tests will be provided in the student's log-in for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology.

c. Preliminary Tests: There will be 28 Subject wise Full Portion tests, which will be made available in students log-in.

Type of tests 

Number of tests per subject


11th Standard

12th Standard

Chapter-wise tests



Combo tests



Preliminary Test







2. Detailed Analysis Booklet

After every test a detailed analysis gets generated automatically, which provides the following analysis:

  1. Brief Scorecard: It would contain marks scored out of total marks, as well as percentage and rank
  2. Question wise analysis: It would contain explanation for all the questions as well the explanation as to why the student has chosen the wrong answer
  3. Topic wise analysis: It suggests student’s strong topics as well as weak topics based on the performance in particular test. This helps students to know where they need to work upon
  4. Difficulty level wise analysis: This shows their accuracy level for questions belonging to different difficulty levels.

This analysis can be downloaded by students and taken home in a pendrive or mail. It would be there in student’s log-in whole year round.

3. Exploriments

Imagine a Physics lab where you want to practice some more on your Pendulum experiment but the Practical session is over and you need to vacate the lab for another class. How would it be if you could practice more on the computer in an online mode, and visualize and perform as many scenarios as you could for the experiment, and watch the results? In the process your concepts would get cleared as well. That is what an “Exploriment” is.

There are 400+ such exploriments for  you to perform, explore and learn.

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