• Mastering JEE

    MKCL's Mission JEE

    Mastering JEE

    16000+ questions
    Chapter wise test
    Full portion test

  • Features to help you Excel

    FEATURES to help you EXCEL!!

    Instant results
    Detailed feedback
    Conceptual distractors
    State wide ranking

  • Exploriments - Perform Experiments Online

    Exploriments - Perform Experiments Online

    Perform experiments online
    400+ exploriments
    Unlimited access

  • For both 11th & 12th Science students

    For both 11th & 12th Science students

    Mastering JEE for 11th
    Mastering JEE for 12th

MKCL's Mastering JEE

In the wake of "One Nation, One Test" policy students from all over India have been brought on a common platform to compete for seats in Engineering colleges. So it has become very important to prepare in the best possible manner.

Mastering JEE in simple words is a Test Series! But unlike other test series it gives you two excellent features which makes this test series a Unique one!

  1. Personalized Feedback: This is a detailed analysis of your performance in each test. It also points out to the students their weak areas as well as strong areas.
  2. Exploriments: This a Practical Lab brought to your computer! Best feature ever to clear your concepts and get crystal clear "Concept Clarity"

“Mastering JEE” is all about

  1. Showing the student where he/she stands
  2. Where he/she needs to go
  3. What is required for him/her to go there &
  4. How to achieve it

Why to enroll for Mastering JEE?

You may be looking for one big reason to join this course; we will give you plenty!

1. Creators: Brought to you by a company which has trained 90 Lakh+ students in IT!
2. Question Bank: 16000+ questions prepared by experts
3. Tests: 150+ tests! You don't need to go anywhere else
4. Smart Analysis: Your personal guide, guiding you after every test

How to enroll for Mastering JEE?

Students have the option to select the center where they want to give the tests.
We have a network of 5500 centers in Maharashtra, which offer Mastering JEE course. Students need to:

  1. Select the center 
  2. Visit the center 
  3. Pay the fees at the center
  4. Start learning! 

“Mastering JEE (Main)”

This is MKCL’s practice test series to enable students to prepare for Board Examinations as well as Competitive Entrance Examinations on the National level.

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